• CharityCheck

    GuideStar Charity Check is the only pre-grant due-diligence tool that is 100% compliant with IRS requirements. The GuideStar Charity Check API provides this essential data via our RESTful API in JSON format.

  • CharityCheckBulk

    This end-point will allow you to retrieve multiple organizations' Charity Check information in JSON format.

  • CharityCheckPdf

    This end-point will allow you to retrieve organization's Charity Check information in PDF format. API returns the byte stream.

  • Essentials

    Search GuideStar’s most common set of data about nonprofits to quickly find organizations most relevant to your users, and use those results to get more data from our other APIs. API returns search result in JSON format.

  • Premier

    The GuideStar Premier API combines nonprofit-supplied data from the GuideStar Exchange program with data from other sources to provide comprehensive information about millions of organizations. API returns data in JSON/PDF format.