Best Practices Consuming the APIs

  • Read API documentation and familiarize with our APIs
  • Use shared or dedicated email accounts, not personal ones, for production licenses
  • Use the developer portal and familiarize with the Subscription Key management, User Profile management, various documentations, and tools to support to use our APIs successfully
  • Engage with API Support team if above fails to satisfy the needs
Subscription Key Management
  • Keep your subscription key secret
  • Use the HTTP header to pass your subscription key
  • Change your subscription keys regularly
  • Use the primary and secondary subscription keys to eliminate the downtime when changing the subscription keys
Web Applications
  • Make sure all calls to APIs are originating from your server hosting the application
Request URL, parameters, and HTTP body
  • When making the request to APIs, please be aware of the following
    • We will not make any changes to the published versions which would break the client side applications
    • We may add fields to our API return, but existing fields and structures will remain intact
    • If any other changes are needed to improve our API experience, we will do so in the next release cycle in the new versions
Response JSON Payload
  • When consuming the JSON payload, please be aware of the following
    • We will not remove existing data fields from published versions
    • We will not change the names of the existing data fields from published versions
    • However, to improve our data quality, we will add, remove, rename, and restructure the data fields in the new versions
    • We recommend using JSON object names when accessing the values instead of object positions
HTTP status code
  • We follow and use standard HTTP status codes so please check HTTP status code for all calls